Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EndNote & Cite While You Write

Are you using EndNote to manage your citations? If you aren't you probably should. EndNote is one example of bibliographic management software. Software that allows you to gather and save article citations.

EndNote allows you to manually enter, import, or upload citations from research into one central library. From this library you will be able format the citations into one of many available citation styles, i.e. APA, AMA, Vancouver, to name a few. Once you have gathered and organized your citations you will then be able to write your paper and insert these citations into a MS Word document using the EndNote add-on called Cite While You Write (CWYW).

CWYW resides in MS Word and allows the author to choose citations from an EndNote library and insert those citation into the body of the document, in the chosen citation style. At the same time it also creates your references page, also in correct citation format. These two tools can make inserting your citations and writing your paper much easier.

To download EndNote please visit the library's download page. For EndNote training watch the library's workshop guide or contact the reference and outreach department to schedule a training session.

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