Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 is World Veterinary Year

This is the year that veterinarians around the world are called upon to promote their profession and educate the community on what veterinarians do and can do not only for our animal friends but for mankind as a whole. Veterinarians have been treating animal and and by extension humankind for over 250 years, from the original “horse doctors” to the modern day small animal cardiologists; the veterinary field has grown and specialized.

Locally the Pumerantz Library is teaming up with Western University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to provide displays on the history of not only the field of veterinary medicine in general but also the College, faculty and deans. The Library will have one featured display showcasing the history of veterinary medicine as wells as the history of WesternU’s College of Veterinary Medicine. We will also have smaller display that will feature a different rotating topic.

To stay current with World Veterinary Year events at the library watch this blog, check out our Facebook page or stop by the Pumerantz Library often to see what’s currently being featured. For more information on the World Veterinary Year organization please visit the Vet 2011 site.

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