Monday, October 19, 2015

Fake Doctors Real Problems

Share your thoughts in the comments section about how fake doctors address real world problems. As seen in the October 2015 issue of Stacked!

J and K Virtual Reality Learning Center

Anatomage Image
The Pumerantz Library is the home to the J and K Virtual Reality Learning Center (VRLC). Within the VRLC are four pieces of instructional tech, Anatomage, zSpace, Occulus Rift and iPads. These pieces of technology exist at other institutions individually, what makes the VRLC unique is that they are all combined in one space and used with one another. This virtual component, combined with traditional gross anatomy, makes for a richer, more innovative curriculum.

Anatomage is a virtual cadaver that users may rotate through 360 degrees, slice through the entire cadaver, remove or highlight certain anatomical structures.

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zSpace uses 3D glasses and a stylus to manipulate and "dissect" anatomical structures.

Our two Occulus Rift headsets are pre-loaded with "tours" of the ear, head and throat and allows users to move through and listen to instruction about each section of the anatomy.

The iPads are loaded with anatomy apps provided by at Stanford.

Also unique to the VRLC is that after instruction has concluded for the day, faculty may reserve the room to create content for future lessons, and students may reserve the individual VRLC components for study. Both faculty and students must complete an instructional session with library staff to certify that they know what each item does and what they can and can't do with them.

For details or upcoming instructional session information please contact 909-469-5323 or email