Monday, February 27, 2012

PubMed or Medline?

As librarians we are asked the question pretty frequently.

In essence it really comes down to a few things

  • Contains all articles from all of the 5400 journals in indexed by PubMed whether biomedical or not (approx. 1 million citations)
  • Contains all non-indexed articles and OLDMEDLINE
  • It is the free search interface for the various databases associated with the National Center for Biotechnology Institute
  • Site specific tools, i.e. MyNCBI, etc.

    • Is the major database component in PubMed (approx. 21 million citations) 
    • Only contains fully indexed biomedical journal citations
    • Is usually leased out to other database providers, i.e. OVID, EBSCO and isn't updated nearly as often as when it is used through PubMed

    There is a great article about this from the National Library of Medicine located here

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